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Calculating two fields from different tables




So this is the problem. I am calculating the conversion of currency according to the rate described in a master table that i have created. 


My main data has fields known as Sales(USD), Sales(SGD


I have put the exchange rate of Singapore Dollar in the master table and it looks like this:


Currency         Exchange Rate

SGD                0.72


The Sales(USD) in the main has a sales figure, say $30. 


I just want to be able to calculate USD/SGD (where the value of SGD is from master table), which will give me the Sales figure in Singapore Dollar.


I now there is another way of calling the real time exchange data, but that isnt what I am required to do here. 


So how can I call the value of SGD from another table?


Thank You for your help


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Ghosh 


You can filter the SGD currency from this table and use Append Fields tool, appending the field Exchange Rate to your table and using the Formula tool to make the calculation.




Hi @Ghosh,


I'd recommend using the Find and Replace tool and use the Append option in its configuration (rather than the Replace) to be able to append the relevant exchange rate that you pull from your 'lookup table' to your master table. Then use the Formula tool for the calculation.


Hope this helps!



Actually this is my look up table:



and this is my main:




So the Sales SGD gets calculated using the formula: SalesUSD/Exchnge rate of SalesSGD. answer will appear in the SalesSGD column.


Sorry if I might have confused you guys.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Here's an example of what I'd do:




- Add a "Currency" string before your Currency field, just for clarification

- Use Cross-Tab Tool to put that as Fields

- Append all exchange rates to your table

- Use the Formula Tool to calculate all of your Sales fields.


WF attached.



Thank you for your help, Thableaus. This works.