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Calculating the week number




Has anyone had luck on calculating the week number from a date?


example: 2016-02-01 is the 6th week of the year


Appriciate anyones help with this.


Thank you.


Is this what you're looking for?


In the Formula tool, use the expression DateTimeFormat(<date/time>, "%U")


From the Date Time Functions (



This will return the week number, as 00 – 53, with the beginning of weeks as Sunday.



This will return the week number, as 00 – 53, with the beginning of weeks as Monday.

Hi Talbanese, Find the attached workflow, you can find how we can generate Year, Quarter, Month, Week Number and a Weekday . Thanks, Harsha.
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ACE Emeritus

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Thanks Phillip,


I had tried that however still wasn't populating correctly so I was looking for another way to calculate it.


Thank you


Hi all,


I can confirm that  DateTimeFormat([Date],"%W") does not return the correct ISO week number (


[Date]ISO Week NumberDateTimeFormat ("%W)
Week Number


The week numbers returned in the accepted solution aren't all ISO standard either (2017-01-01 returned week 2).


BUT @JohnJPS posted a single formula that correctly calculates the ISO week number here:


I'm late to the party, but I'm posting this in case other people come to this thread looking for ISO week numbers. I've attached a workflow which has the test values above and a series of calculations that determine the correct ISO week number (basically @JohnJPS's formula broken down into steps--he has the same steps in his own sample workflow.) 


Hello All,


A little late to this conversation. I believe the ISO weeks were off in 2015 due to an anomaly that causes a 53 week on most fiscal calendars every 6 years.or so. I am struggling with a similar issue being that I do not have a full date for my weeks from previously stored data. The data is in the format of wk/yyyy is it possible to use the %W or %U  Function on this format to make it into weeks?





Hi Nick,


Are you trying to get the week number from the wk/yyyy format? Since that will be a String and not a Date data type, the Date/Time functions won't work.  Instead you could use a Test To Columns tool to split up the two parts and then convert each to a number, either with a Select tool or the ToNumber() function--In the attached workflow, I used a Select tool so that I could rename the columns at the same time.


Hope this helps,