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Calculating a date difference for working days, ignoring weekends


Hi All,


I am trying to calculate the date difference between two "received dates". Point A receives an item after which it delivers it to point B. I am interested in finding the date difference between these two received dates, but I am only interested in working days, i.e. I want to ignore Saturdays and Sundays. If point A receives an item on friday 2018-03-09 and point B receives that item on Tuesday 2018-03-13 the date difference in terms of working days should be 2. But, my current workflow calculates the datediff as 4 days because it counts the weekend days. Does anyone know a clever way to calculate this just for work days?



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Hey @Oliver


There is a macro on the gallery that does this:!app/Count-Weekdays/5862c055a18e9e0ff8d854cd


This would probably be a good starting point :)



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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hadn't seen that before, I've also built a verison:!app/Working-Day-Time-Difference/5a0ad875f499c708d037257


This works in a similar manner but not only can you specify holiday periods you can also select the working days specific to your business, and if you have a time field you can also specify opening hours so the clock stops  'out of hours'.