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Calculate using new field

7 - Meteor



What am I doing wrong?  I just want to calculate margin using two existing fields (Rev_Unit and COGS_Unit) minus a newly created field (OPs Cost).  Do I need to add an additional Formula tool after this tool creates the new field?  I thought if I moved the margin calculation to the bottom it would have the new data to pull in.  The new field is just a number and I selected V_WString as the data type; is that correct?


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @skeen503979 ,


This is happening due to the way you build your clause. Since you are using double quotes in your numbers, it is identifying them as string, so you need only to remove the quotes and it will work.

Another thing non related with the error but that you need to do is to change your data type for double.



Fernando Vizcaino

7 - Meteor

Thank you, that worked.