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Calculate Periodic Value based on LTD Values


I have a data set with general ledger information for 9 years split up by accounting period. Every period represents the new life-to-date balance at the end of that period. 


I am looking for a way to calculate periodic information based on this data set. For example, I need my workflow to be able to take SEP-2015 minus AUG-2015 to get the SEP-2015 periodic value.


I have attached a sample of the dataset and workflow.

Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Partner

I've just added on to the end of your workflow so you can track what I've done.  I'm not sure if Sept minus Aug is the right operation, but at least this gives you an idea because that's exactly what I've done.


2019-01-09 08_16_47-Alteryx Designer x64 - 2015 Sample Data.yxmd.png