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Calculate MTD, YTD and Since Inception for Stock Price Data


Hi All,


Very new to Alteryx and struggling to build some calculations.


I am trying to build a workflow which is tracking a stock price Net Asset Value (NAV) on a daily basis.


Each week day a new record will be added to the Input File with that day's information (this part is not an issue, just for context) - the workflow is up and running.


I would like to complete calculations on a daily basis;

YTD (the new days information compared to last business day of the previous year)

MTD (the new days information compared to last business day of the previous month)

WTD (the new days information compared to Friday of the previous week)

Since Inception (the new days information compared to the first record)


Each of these values will be saved/maintained so daily tracking (charts/graphs) can be completed so a new column will be required for each.


I have attached how the data is present in a alteryx database - also attached is the data in excel, in sheet 2, the formulas I am using at the moment are included


Thank you for your help in advance

Alteryx Partner



See the attached flow for YoY comparison. The last column should give year over year NAV comparision. Its dynamic, should work for new rows too.

If you go through each step in each tool you would know the logic which is self-explanatory.

But let me know if you've questions.


Similarly you can try it for MoM and WoW.


Good luck,