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Cache and Run Workflow

Alteryx Partner



I am super excited to see and use one of the most awaited feature in Alteryx, which allows to run only part of workflow and no need to run it from beginning. 

However, I am having hard time understanding the logic behind "Cache and Run Workflow". I came across one of the link which explains when and when not you can use this feature. 


I want to understand


1. If in workflow I want to cache twice, lets say one in the beginning and second in the later stage, but in between I don't want to use cache, then I think Alteryx isn't supporting that, as it will cache everything prior to subject tool. 

2. In one of the instance, I am trying to cache "Summarize" tool which is immediate after "Joining Tool", but Alteryx is caching each and every tool which is connected to "Joining Tool". so what I understand is Alteryx is caching subject tool and all tools prior to it along with their dependent tools. 


It would be great if someone can validate my thinking is right or provide some documentation around this. 



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @alphasupport,


I'm also hugely excited to see this, but that's because I have no social life.


From my understanding, the caching of everything prior is rather a mis-interpretation, and it rather simply caches at a given point. For example, I have two inputs feeding into a join, I can't cache the join because it has multiple outputs, and it needs to be able to determine the actual dataset. If I then union the left and join, I can cache the union as it is an explicit dataset. Think of like creating a cache in the way we used to output to a .yxdb and put everything prior into a container and switch it off.

That's my understanding. This will save a lot of time and will make things a lot neater when developing. I hope!