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CSV saved then file extension changed to XLS

Alteryx Certified Partner

I mocked up some data in Excel, save it as a csv file, then changed the file extension to .xls.   If I try to open this with the input tool, I get this error:



It seems to trick Alteryx it's a Access file. If you open it in Excel, you do get a warning not to open it unless it's from a trusted source.

Does anyone know a way around this besides manually opening files and re-saving them as an XLSX?

Any mock data will work if you try this in excel.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JordyMicheal you need to install the drivers that this link describes. Also explains why are you getting that error.

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Hey @JosephSerpis 


Yeah I tried installing the 32 bit Access Driver and that's what leads me to that error.

I know it's a problem with the file, but I was hoping....

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @JordyMicheal 


The problem is that you're trying to use the Alteryx .xls driver to read what is essentially a flat csv file.  Excel is clever enough to figure out that your .xls is actually a csv and then invoking the proper import routine.  The Access driver, which is used to read legacy .xls files, isn't.  It's expecting a binary format specific to .xls files and the flat csv format fails.  


You can open it in Alteryx as a csv file format with a .xls extension.  The problem will then be if you're trying to use the same Input tool to open files that could be either format.


Edit:  Why the rename.  If you leave it as .csv, Alteryx will be able to open it and double clicking on it will open it in Excel, assuming you haven't changed the default file extension mappings