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CSV file not being read into alteryx


Hi All,


I am having hard time in getting this CSV file to read through alteryx. I have attached the sample file here. Please do the needful.




hi @indras111 - i was able to read it in by modifying #9 Ignore delimiters in.. by changing that to "none." 


Thank you @CarlDi . But the data is not clean. Please see the below screenshot. Even if i use Text to Column tool, 4th column has text field and it's not formatting file properly. If you see below screenshot, I would need 1st Record and the next 4 records are to be in same line in 1st Record. My 2nd Record should be the 6th one which you see below.







@indras111 I see. Another modification you can make is to change the #5 Delimiters in the Input data tool to \t - this is tab delimited. The result will be a majority of the data being split out accordingly. Furthermore, you can add a dynamic rename tool, select all and take field names from the first row of data. The result is below.. At this point, you can filter out the dirty fields that aren't in a tabular format?





the first 4 records were actual data the remaining fields are dummy data. I would need to fix that to have all the data filled in Req notes being displayed in one cell. I have around 20,000 records similar to the first three records.