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CSV file - a field was missing a closing quote in record 26289

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I have a CSV file that need to format..

In the past, I would open this CSV file with EXCEL then choose Delimiters - Other - "|".

I did the save thing in Alteryx, but had this error message "a field was missing a closing quote in record 26289".

Could you please advise how to fix this? Thank you.

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@ll1100000 You can specify no delimiter on your data input by using a '0'.  Then all of your data will come in as text and you'll need to parse it out accordingly.

5 - Atom

I had the same issue, did what you said but then I get that there are too many fields in record #1, do you know how else to proceed?

5 - Atom

I did what you said but I get "There are too many fields in record #1" do you have any suggestion?


Hi @thorofon,


It's likely for your particular data, the correct type of "delimiter" to use to merge everything into one column would be "\0" (backslash zero, without quotes) which tells the parser to use no delimiter and simply write everything to one column.


With \0, each line will be put in a separate row of data. Make sure your setting for field length is long enough to accommodate at minimum the largest line of text in your file to avoid truncation. If you also want everything in a single cell, you can use a Summarize tool to bring items back together before parsing and concatenating (you can use \n as a delimiter for a new line inside the row) as a v_string or v_wstring, though depending on how large your file is, this may not be possible due to max string lengths and generally I don't find it necessary for this type of processing as typically you would want each row in your file in a separate line.

Mike Spoula
Solutions Architect - Services