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CRew Macros 32bit Machine


Hi there, 


I'm currently running into issues trying to run Crew Macros on a new laptop. Specifically the runner macros. The workflow isn't throwing an error but runs extremely quickly (~5 seconds when it should take 2 hours) and the results bar says 'NotRan' for each runner tool.


This new machine is 32 bit and I'm using the non-admin version of designer 2018.3. Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on?




You managed to install Alteryx version 2018.3 on a 32-bit computer?

It is my understanding that Alteryx is no longer usable on 32-bit Windows based on this link:


I would not be surprised at all if the runner tool has issues with this considering I thought this configuration was impossible.


@MarqueeCrew, any other thoughts?


@Claje - you're right. Apologies I mis-read the info on this laptop. It is a 64bit machine which makes a lot more sense, but I'm still getting the same error when I try to run the crew macros. Do you think it could be because I'm using the nonadmin version of Designer?