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CReW Runner - Error with 2019.3?


Updated yesterday and have a workflow that I utilize the CReW List runner to execute a number of separate workflows at once. I'm now encountering an error and the workflow does not execute...



Error:  List Runner (2): Tool #3: Iteration #1: Tool #5: Record #1: Tool #2: Tool #2: The external program "SupportingExes\AlteryxRunner.exe" returned an error code: -1073741819




This workflow executed fine with prior versions. Does anyone have any ideas? @AdamR ? 

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I'm also waiting for this fix too.




Same problem with 2019.3. Do you have any updates on this fix yet?


We have identified the issue and fixed it. It will be available in the upcoming 2019.3 patch. There is no release date on that yet though.

Ummm... what about those of us who depend on Alteryx for ETL? Am I supposed to go to my CEO and let him know that he can have his daily sales data what Alteryx gets around to deploying a fix? Or do we need to find a new ETL tool?


There was talk at one point of the CReW macros becoming an integrated part of the Alteryx platform as opposed to an add-on. We use them widely in our use of Alteryx and based on the forums and interactions at Inspire that seems to be a common theme. Is integrating the CReW macros or at least some of their core functionality a part of the road map for Alteryx?


Can you confirm that the is a pending patch for the 2019.3 broken CReW Macro, List Runner?

When do you think this patch will be available?


I cannot update to 2019.3 until I am sure that CReW MARCRO will work.

We are dependent on List Runner.

We are in the same boat. Stuck on 2019.2 until the Crew Macro List Runner is fixed.


A better solution would be to put some of those Crew Macros into the actual product! 


We upgraded the server already and now trying to decide if we need to downgrade, do we know timing??