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CASS datasets cannot be shared in public gallery error


Hey Everyone, 


I'm getting an error when trying to publish an Alteryx workflow with a CASS dataset to the gallery. It's pretty self explanatory - "CASS datasets cannot be shared in public gallery". The question I have is if there is anyway to enable them to be able to be shared in the gallery, or if this would not be possible in general. 


Thanks in advance

@ccagle Are you in a private gallery or the Alteryx Public gallery? From your private gallery, click on your app and there should be a worflow settings link you can click on. This yields something like this:



Assuming you see the same thing, you can change that last dropdown to can so you can. For what it's worth, he is the view from the admin pages for the same workflow (in case you're an admin for the private gallery):



Here's what I can see...if I don't have this drop down does this mean I need my privileges elevated? 

Yes it may take a curator role (ie private gallery admin) in order to see the options I'm seeing (I'm a curator).


Thanks so much; it was an access issue; we flipped it per what you said and it worked. Thanks again!