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Bypass unknown variable error in formula tool

6 - Meteoroid

I'm currently building a macro that uses 3 different calculations with different columns  based on the type of the file. 

Type 1: Columns A, B,C

Type 2: Columns D, E, F

Type 3: Columns X,Y,Z


The user may not input all 3 different types which is causing an issue with the formula tool because it doesn't recognize the variable.


Is there a way to bypass this error?


15 - Aurora



Have you tried to union a text input with the necessary columns and null data before of the formula? I think that this would work.




6 - Meteoroid

When there is no data it passes through fine, but when there's actual data, the field names don't unionize and there is a "¶" at the end for each duplicate field name. Do you have any idea why this is happening? I treid dynamic rename to replace the sign with blank but it doesn't work

12 - Quasar

Hi, @ds12 


Maybe you can upload the sample data and workflow to help us get your case.

15 - Aurora

Hi @ds12 


Be sure that you have the exactly column names on your text input and on the actual data. If you click on Manually configure fields on the union tool, you will be able to see if you have any mismatching names and which columns are not unioning (be sure to turn it back to auto config by name). 




If it does not work, please see a way to isolate this unexpected behaviour of your workflow with dummy data and send it here.