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Building a workflow with multiple outputs to database


I have a workflow that is pulling data from a database and using REST to write very small amounts of data to an online service.


I want to put it on server and schedule it, so have added a number of writes back to a database to log what is happening using the output tool and record the results of the rest calls, however working with the workflow is proving very challenging. I think it is checking all the database connections every time I make a change tot he workflow, so takes about a minute to add or change a tool. 


Ideally I don't want to move to a single database write at the end of the process but is there a way to push designer to validate connections on run rather than on change? - anyone know if this is what is causing the poor performance or should i look elsewhere?


Any ideas much appreciated




Hi @BigRuss,


Can you share the workflow by private message? I'd gladly see why you're having such a poor performance.

John Posada
Senior Customer Support Engineer - Alteryx