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Bug with apostrophes in field names in action tool

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

I just discovered a bug(?) where by if you try and update a field which has an apostrophe in the name in a formula tool with multiple formulas in it the action tool will error saying "Action configured to update an element that does not exist."



Here's an identical workflow except no apostrophe and no error:


I haven't done a huge amount of testing, but it looks like the apostrophe in the field name isn't being escaped by the action tool - but only where there are multiple formula fields


9 - Comet

Agree @OllieClarke 

I have faced this issue before whenever using column names with special characters. It is not just limited to apostrophe, the same happens when using / , - , < , > as well.

I see somewhat similar thing reported by MarqueeCrew long back.