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Bug / Unexpected behavior: Transpose Tool caches field names?


Hey Alteryx team,


there is some an unexpected behavior of the Transpose tool that led me to spend an hour searching for the cause of a problem:


It seems as if the Transpose tool is caching the name of the fields and only superficially compares the actually present fields with the cache. I have attached a workflow to show what I mean.


In the Text input there are Name / Value pairs which get converted to fields using the Cross Tab tool (this is not really necessary, but makes it easy to reproduce). The transpose tool should then transform the fields pack to Name / Value pairs. The bug emerges if you change the way the variables are capitalized in the beginning, i.e. if you change "Var_ONE" to "Var_One" you will find "Var_ONE" despite the changed variable name.


To reproduce, run the attached workflow once and look at the browse tool. If you then change the capitalization in the text input from e.g. "Var_ONE" to "Var_One", run the workflow and look at the Browse tool again.

The bug will disappear as soon as you change something in the transpose tool.


I'm using Alteryx and would be happy if this could be fixed in a future update.





Hello @chrisha,


This is interesting...I've also been able to update the Name by pressing F5. This has definitely caught our attention and we will let engineering know of this issue.



Hoss Carroll
Customer Support Engineer