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Bug: SVM "no data fields exist for this table" when less than 2 numeric predictors

7 - Meteor

The SVM tool reports a disconcerting `No data fields exist for this table` error when less than two numeric predictors are used. The error is thrown by the third line below:


num.preds <- attr(the.model$terms, "dataClasses")[-1]
num.preds <- names(num.preds)[num.preds == "numeric"]
num.preds.df <-, 2))) which `combn` tries to take 2 at a time even when there are less than 2.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey @deargle


Would you be able to post a worked example in the Advanced Analytics discussion board (and link back to it on this thread) so that folk can look into this with you?

Alteryx Partner

Hmm I have the same error with multiple variables, but if you run it seems to work fine now. Maybe this was solved?