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Browse tool: Chart not available for this data type

I have same issue with dataset > 800K.
Were you find solve for it?


My Alteryx is v2019.2


I have not, kept hearing that it would be enhanced in the latest update but haven't tested to confirm. Sorry! 


The error "Chart not available for this data type" is due to a recent limitation of this feature and not a datatype issue. Alteryx was locking up on very large data sets so we put a limit into place.

Because the error could be misleading to the end user, a defect was created to update the message so it's clearer:
DE20656 - Data Profile Chart - Incorrect Messaging
Fix is targeted for 2019.4


Thank you for the reply. Is there a preferred tool for data profiling when working with large data sets? I used to use the Browse tool visualizations for basic data discovery, to better understand data classification and data profiling. 


Thanks for the info.


Do you know how the limit is defined and if it is going to be revised?

At the moment it seems very restrictive, being triggered even on datasets <50MB

The users in my company regularly analyse datasets with >1m rows and the browse tool is a crucial tool for them, but currently unusable


The Incorrect Messaging will be modified to include the following verbiage: “Chart not available for Boolean, Spatial, Report data type and data size cannot exceed 40MB”

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for the update planning to make the error message more clear but when is the issue going to be fixed? 


I've just found this issue today connecting to a local .yxdb file of 1.9 million rows and 25 columns and every single one cannot be profiled. There is nothing complicated in any column as they are v_strings, doubles, Int32 or date so it appears it is just the size of data. The best thing about Alteryx is it can handle any amount of data, until now. 


Limiting the data coming into the browse tool by row count or even sampling all of the data is not going to help us understand the data like we could before. Is there a way to turn this feature off or another way to do this other than rolling back to an earlier version? That is not a good conversation to have with users.


I fully share Chris' view. 


For us one of the important strengths of Alteryx was its flexibility to profile and understand data and to spot patterns or anomalies quickly.

If there are concerns about stability of Alteryx in case of rare large volume cases, maybe leave the size limit an advanced option for users to set?


In the meantime sticking with the old version seems the only solution


Is there is another Alteryx tool that can supplement some of those BROWSE functionality that is no longer there? 


I agree, this is rather concerning as that's the whole intention of this sort of tool/program!!