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Broken Sample Tool

Alteryx Partner

After upgrading to Alteryx 2018.04 I can no longer use the Sample Tool.

The only error the tool throws at me is:

"Sample (2) XmlParse Error: the attribute "name" is missing."

The "name" here is not referring to a column name in the data set.

If I add a text input with 3 rows of data in Field1, then adding a sample tool, choosing any kind of sample method, I get the above error.

Any ideas?


I also have a server running with the same version of Alteryx. Here the Sample tool works fine. Meaning I have a source i can copy files from in case i can grab the "working" sample tool files from there.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Can you share your example workflow with us so we can test on our machines? If we get the same behaviour then I would suggest we raise this more formally with; I haven't had any issues with the sample tool since upgrading mind (apart from it doesn't always save the sample number I put in the box).



Alteryx Partner

Here is a screenshot of the workflow with the error, and I have attached the workflow as a file.



Thanks for looking at it!