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Bringing in summarized data in original data

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I am looking to find some guidance on the best way to create new fields via summarized data. 


I created summarized fields in a separate excel tab and brought them into the workflow. I then used a Join and Union to (Left Outer Join). Now I am a bit stuck. I want to create new fields but using the summarized (one cell) data and then multiply (divide) by another field. Sort of how, in comparison in excel using "$". 


Excel example: A1*$B$1 which b1 would stay consistent and A1 would go through multiple variables. 


Written out the example (using picture): Cost * Forcast Sales Quantity; or Cost * Extended Product Margin




Would this be better to "Cross Tab" and or pick a filed and then call out the amount the next filed?


How do I keep the one variable constant?

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If you want to multiply one field by many different variables to produce different outcomes I suggest a dynamic structure. Keep your cost data as-is and append the other data as "Name" and "Value". Multiply the cost field by the value field. You can then cross table that value field with the name field and have the cost measure applied to those values now.