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Bring own Geo Location into Workflow


Ever in need to bring your own Geolocation into a workflow so that you can use it further downstream, just like you would use Google Maps showing you where you are right now?


A powershell script that accesses the Windows Built-In Device Location can help you here (for more on Device Location in Windows, see here: Windows Device Location . If you run this through Alteryx of course, then you will get your Geo Lat / Long coordinates which can be further used to then generate your Spatial Point with the Create Points tool.


Furthermore if you wrap all of this into an Alteryx Macro, where one just has to select a Folder where the PowerShell Script will be stored and separately a Folder where the Output will be stored (can be the same folders, but does not have to be), then no one has to worry about being able to write or understand a PS Script, but just this Macro in an Alteryx Workflow, like here:


A couple of prerequisites to be able to run the script inside the macro and to get your location successfully:


1) Allow scripts to be run on your computer (see here for setting this up: Enabling of running of Scripts on local machine


2) Allow your computer to track Geo Location of your machine (see here under "Turn the Windows location setting on or off": How to turn on Windows Location Settings )


Once both have been enabled, you should easily be able to feed your machines location into a Workflow.


You can find the Macro in the Alteryx Public Gallery:

My Own Location Macro


Have fun with this!


Best wishes