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Bring in remaining data from If Then statement

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I'm trying to consolidate the names of some of our departments.  What formula can I use to perform an IF-THEN statement on some of our departments, but still bring in the remaining departments that I don't want to rename?


That may have been confusing.  Let me try to explain this way:

If I have a list of A, B, C, D and I want to rename C and D to call them E how can I create a column that still shows all the A's and B's and the newly renamed E's?  Below is my working formula to rename the departments I needed, but it is not displaying the other department names that I don't want to rename.

I hope that makes sense. 🙂




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17 - Castor

Hi @skeen503979 


Instead of the Null() in your Else clause use [DEPT_DESC]. 




hi @skeen503979 ,


hope this helps!




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That worked for me.  Thanks so much for the help!