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Breakeven point with Alteryx and Tableau

7 - Meteor

Hello -


I want to present a report on Tableau with a feasiblity study for a new building.


I want the ultimate result to be an interface on Tableau where the client can make changes to the assumptions and get the results straight away.


Given that some calculations would require some heavy calcs (e.g. the occupancy rate at which the developer is able to pay a 10 year loan + interest), I need to have the assumptions feed back into Alteryx, a way to trigger an Alteryx macro from Tableau, and then have the results displayed on the same workbook.


To summarise > Assumptions details on Tableau > Modified by user > macro triggered on Alteryx > results displayed on Tableau.


Do you know the most efficient way to do this?



11 - Bolide

Hi @jasatt, I not sure that Alteryx and Tableau will interface exactly the way that you want. I would recommend using an Alteryx app and Tableau in conjunction. You can make the app available to the end user, and then end user can select the variables that they want, run the app, and see the changes in Tableau. 

7 - Meteor

Thanks! It seems like that would be the only solution for this. We don't have Alteryx server currently, so will have to apply a workaround. I think i will solve it by working out a number of different scenarios and load them on Tableau. The options will be limited, but it can still provide a good level of visibility.

9 - Comet

A couple of notes:


- Without seeing the algorithms for your scenarios I can't say directly, in any case there is a lot that can be done inside Tableau using Tableau's calculations, and then there are the R & Python integrations in Tableau that can do more complex computation than we can get in Tableau alone.

- That said, there are definitely cases where it's easier to build more complex calculations in Alteryx than in Tableau, and pre-computing millions of records for various scenarios is something that I've done previously so I can just use Quick Filters instead of parameters.




7 - Meteor

Thanks Jonathan.


I am sticking to quick filters right now to avoid over-complicating the model. It's great to know that I can endlessly scale up.