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Blocking Command Line Tool




It seems like there should be a way to do this, but i'm not certain how:  


I have a command line instruction that facilitates data extraction from my source.  On a day to day basis, when I click the button, I want that command line instruction to run.  This part works fine.  



The inconvenient part is when I'm just working on, modifying, testing the workflow.  I don't actually want that to run at that point.  I just want it to work with whatever data is less stored.  Is there some sort of technique I can use to have this instruction only run when executed as an app and skip running when I'm just building out the workflow.  





Hi @danloz,


When you put this part of your workflow in a container, you can disable it and enable again with a single click.


This can also be controlled through 'Action' tool, you could consider creating some global variable (or input variable that does the same) that controls when the container is disabled.





#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?


is the command line using the run tool or the workflow Events?


if it is using the run tool, i would place it in a container and disable the container when running locally. This would likely involve a second container that is pulling the saved data in from the local source (only enable one of the containers at a time). 


If it is an action - you can disable the Events from the Events tab.


Either way, it's a manual switch. There is the variable Engine.GuiInteraction, but if my memory serves me right, it doesn't do what you think it does... i haven't messed around with that in a while. 


Thanks guys.