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Block until all Input and Output are complete


Hello all,


I am working on a process where I am pulling data from multiple external source and creating DB tables with them. Once that it done, I need Alteryx to execute a Stored Procedure in the MS SQL.


How do I guarantee that the multiple Input and Outputs are complete before the Stored Procedure is executed by Alteryx?




You can't do that directly, however if you can direct which table will be written last (maybe a throttle tool or Wait A Second), then you can put the SQL into the POST-SQL on the output tool.


You can make use of Block Until Done transformation. At the first level you can have all your workflow that needs to be done. In the second level you can have the sql stored procedure executed via Output Tool as @KaneG has suggested.


Hi @vkarthik21, can you please give an example? How do I connect an Input shape to the Block Until Done?


Please find below a simple example of how this can be done. All your input stream flows through both 1, 2, 3 of 'Block Until Done'.  Hope this helps -


Alteryx Designer x64 - forum_block_until_done.png


Hello @vkarthik21, Thanks for sharing this. But this doesn't really solve the issue. I am pulling data from multiple sources and have multiple Input shapes. What you proposed will only wait for one of the Input shape to complete.

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I think what you are requesting is a Parallel Block Until Done. 


You can download the marco from Marks site at -


"it outputs all records from input 1 to output 1, before writing the records from input 2 to output 2."



- AM

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Alteryx Certified Partner
If you use a runner macro, you can assuredly know that the predecessor worrklow completed (successfully) before starting the next workflow executes your stored procedure.


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