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Block Until Done for Database

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Hello everyone I have searched in other topics but I couldnot find exact solution for my issue. I am getting an information from Table1 apply some transformation/calculation and write the output back to same Table1 and Table2. I made it work easily with Block Until Done tool when my input and output was a file. However when I change my source and output to database this tool doesnot work. Is there an easy solution? Thank you
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Please try this:

Right before your output back to table 1, take a data stream into a summarize tool and COUNT anything. Then take that result along with the data that you want to write into an APPEND FIELDS tool with the data on top as a target and the count as a source.

Configure the append so that you deselect the count. You can then output the data safely.

This trick caused your data to be completely read and ready for write.


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Hi Mark Thank you for quick response and I will try that. However is not my added "Select" tool have same function as your proposal? And why it works for file input/outputs a is but not for data tables. My assumption is as long as "Run" button is not active, datatable is frozen that's why you cannot write it back. What do you think? Thank you Selcuk