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Blobby Trade Areas

Alteryx Partner



I was wondering if someone could help me understand why my trade areas are coming out blobby.


Some of the trade areas are perfectly circular, yet some are totally off.. can anyone explain why?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Hey @echenty

These look like multiple trade areas overlapping which are causing the odd shapes, if you click on one it should be a perfect circle.

If not can you share an example workflow and we can look further?

Alteryx Partner

Here you go!


Right - I was thinking they are merging... but I dont understand why some of them have merged together vs some others that are perfect circles. So clearly, there's something happening that Alteryx is choosing to merge some trade areas but not all.. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @echenty


You had the polybuild tool in your workflow which was turning your trade areas into convex hulls...this was causing the funny shapes.


I've removed the convex hulls which gives you the following output:


School Trade.PNG



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Works great! Thank you!