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Black Question Mark?


Does anyone know about this black question mark? it looks like it replaced a broken tool in my workflow. but why? i had a Date Filter module in my workflow and when i reopened my workflow today i had this instead. does anyone know why this happened? i had another one in there that was in place of a select records module. why did these get replaced with this question mark? ive had it before when i used custom macros then the workflow lost the path but in this case im not sure what is going on.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @spetkae09,


That icon shows up when the tool is no longer available within the location is was originally added into the Workflow from.


If you haven't saved the workflow, you can open up the .YXMD file in notepad to view the RAW XML of the workflow and look for the line that is in reference to that tool (knowing the Tool ID can be helpful). Once found, look at the directory path it's referencing and ensure that 1) the macro you used is still there or 2) your computer can access that location.


If the macro has moved, you can update the location showing in the XML, but BE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR WORKFLOW BEFORE ALTERING ANY OF THE XML CODE.


Hope this helps!

If the macro is broken and not saved in the workflow, what is the alternative option?

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