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Bigquery only outputs duplicate rows

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I have a workflow where I grab data from Google sheets, then I push those data into a BigQuery database. This is the full workflow. Grabbing the data takes 5 seconds. Writing the data takes 3 minutes. There is only 20 rows of data. In addition, every row written becomes a duplicate of the 1st row.

2018-04-27 15_29_25-Alteryx Designer x64 - SPRAY Booking.yxmd_.png

The output looks like this:

2018-04-27 15_31_03-Google BigQuery.png


It should look like this:

2018-04-27 15_33_50-Kampanje booking 2018 SPRAY - Google Regneark.png


Any idea where I can start to troubleshoot this?


Simba ODBC driver (

Alteryx 2018.1

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Can you post a screenshot of the data before it is streaming into the output data tool.



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Good morning! The second screenshot is taken from the source, a google sheet.

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And here is another interesting find. I checked the BQ log and found that it starts many seperate queries to insert data. I am not running a batch macro.multiple inserts in Google BigQuery.png

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This is the SQL that Alteryx pushes:


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Alteryx Certified Partner

@jensroy I would consider raising this more formally with as it is probably something that most members of the community cannot replicate without creating a bigquery account and so on.




Hi @jensroy, where you able to find a solution to this?  I have found that the new write to bigquery tool is also an append/insert only, and does not delete existing records.  I'd love to hear whatever work around you came up with other than writing a view in BQ to only grab the most recently updated record (as this will be more costly, over time).


Thank you!

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Hello. In the end i was not able to advance with this. The duplicate rows seems to be a result of the SIMBA driver not really supporting write to BigQuery. The only other solution i found in the community that could have worked was to use the download tool to post a CSV file into bigquery. But in the end I solved this project by using Azure instead of BigQuery. Good luck though, and please write back if you solve it. It would be good learning