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BigQuery results


Hi Guys,


I connected the BigQuery input tool to my account and created a custom query. I am not sure how to read the result of that query in Alteryx.

If I connect Input Tool after the BigQuery Connector it throws an error "The pipe has ended" .. i am guessing this is a JSON parsing issue? 

How do I read the results in Designer? 


Hello @swapnil_sawant,


Thank you for your contribution to our community.

To help make it easier for others within the Community to assist, it would be helpful to get some additional information on your process. Here's what we recommend you include in your reply:

  • What Alteryx Version are you using?
  • Do you have a Workflow with sample data you can share?
  • What about a Screenshot?
  • What does the data look like? (Beginning data vs. Final Output)
  • How would one replicate the issue?
  • Did you receive an Error Message?



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