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BigQuery Input Error


I can't seem to get the BigQuery input tool to work.


I get the following errors:


400 Bad Request to Google API, Cannot list a table of type VIEW

TypeError: No registered converter was able to produce a C+ + rvalue of type into form this Python object of type NoneType


I am using End User authentication method and just trying to pull in a table, I'm not using a custom query.


Hi @bsmith03 


The BigQuery Input Tool utilizes the TableData.List JSON API method to pull data from Google Big Query. Per Google here:


  • You cannot use the TableDataList JSON API method to retrieve data from a view. For more information, see Tabledata: list.


This is not a current supported functionality of the tool. You can post this on our product ideas page to see if it can be implemented in future product. For now, I would recommend pulling the data from the original table itself in BigQuery.