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Best way to identify unique rows of data

5 - Atom

I have 2 large spreadsheets of data with ~40 columns each. (essentially a before/after look at data)  The columns are identically named/positioned.  I'd like to create a workflow that compares all data for a given row in spreadsheet 1 with spreadsheet 2.  The rows in each spreadsheet may not be the same. (i.e. row 5 in spreadsheet 1 might actually match row 7 in spreadsheet 2).


I thought I'd be able to do this relatively easily but I'm a bit of a novice and this is proving more difficult than I thought.  I'm hoping that this is easy as I think it is but would appreciate any guidance you can provide.





9 - Comet

You can unions the inputs and use the unique tool if the amount of columns are going to be the same and won't change (as it isn't dynamic).

You can transpose (which is dynamic) and then group them together again using the Summarize tool and then use the unique tool to make it dynamic. 


2019-07-25 14_35_52-Alteryx Designer x64 - Unique rows dynamic.yxmd.png




I've attached a workflow for both.

14 - Magnetar

Here's a related post from earlier this week:


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