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Best Fuzzy Tool configuration for my case

7 - Meteor

Hello Friends,


I know that I am asking something which has been asked and discussed multiple times on the Forum. But being a novice I am stuck somewhere and need a little help.


I am comparing strings like below (sample file with more records attached):

Field1                                                                Field2                                                          MatchScore_Field
EPS Dubai - Beng Mechanical Engineering     EPS Dubai - MSc Comp - Canvas              40
EPS Dubai - Beng Mechanical Engineering     EPS - Beng Mech Eng Canvas                   40


As it can be seen that Score field does not help much in identifying the correct record, I have tried various settings in the Fuzzy Tool using Merging option and Custom settings for the Target field. But  I am nowhere near to generate score where I can filter out the mismatches. I am not generating Key based on the Target field as I am testing all the records in the two columns of the same row and seeing how the Scoring is done. I am using a constant as the mandatory Key field.


Can you please check the attached file and suggest something more useful? The text will keep on changing and there is no such keywords.





@AshishD What does your workflow look like so far? How is the fuzzy matching tool configured? Can you attach the workflow?

7 - Meteor

Hello @DiganP


I am using the attached workflow which some other community member posted on another thread.