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Batch upload mutiple xlsx files with multiple tabs (but only the first 15 columns)


Hi, is there a way to import only the first 15 columns from multiple excel tabs and files into one table in alteryx? The tabs have different schemas but I only need the first 15 columns from each tab.


i have tried a couple of batch upload macros but because of the different schemas I end up with over 18,000 columns once they are all imported.


Apologies if there is a simple solution for this. I am quite a beginner in alteryx.







To do this, I created a slightly different batch macro from my normal recommended approach for loading multiple excel files.  I've attached it here.


The key to this modified design is two things:

I used a Dynamic Select tool to deselect all fields after the 15th.

I updated the Properties in the Interface Designer (View->Interface Designer->Wrench icon) to "Auto Configure by Position".  This way all of the fields will end up in the same relative positions, regardless of name.


Let me know if this helps!


Hi Claje, Thanks so much for the quick response. 

I think this is exactly what i need but I get the attache message. 

I am not sure what i need to change. Appreciate if you could assist.

Not sure if it makes a difference but the first row has merged cells but that row can be skipped.