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Batch macro to send output files as emails?

I created a batch macro to read in data and output a separate PDF file for each unique Personnel_ID field. I used the Render tool to create the outputted PDF files.


The problem I am running into is that I would like to have the output files emailed to their corresponding personnel (each person only gets their corresponding PDF). How do I get Alteryx to match the correct file to the correct recipient. (The email address is one of the input data fields if that helps).

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @timryanwalsh,


You need to add a control parameter to a filter which filters the email recipient. This means the macro will run through each one and will have only one value to select in the field you are using to determine the email address. Once you add the control parameter it will change your macro to a batch macro. On the data feed that feeds into your macro you will then need to map the incoming data to the control parameter.

It will then run and send out the email to the correct person before re-starting and looping through again for the next one. 

If you have a field such as budget holder, which has an association to a single email address then you can filter on this and have the control parameter linked to this field as it will achieve the same result.

Let me know if you need any more help with this.





I have same problem, can you please help me and explain what did you do ?

I have one PDF file that contains around 300 pages. each page relates to a customer. first I want to split the file (to 300 page) and then send them to the clients base on the Email address that I have in database.