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Batch macro. and multiple filters to create ranks and percentiles

Alteryx Partner

I thought I cracked it with this macro but alas not.  


I am trying to create a macro that creates median, quartiles and ranks for different subgroups (I am analyzing a large data file where there are 30+ subgroups for which I need to do these calculations).  


The output structure I am looking for would be a single line per department per year with columns for value, percentile and median for each measure.    What I have created so far s a long table of repeated data.


I have tried looking into the Tile tool as an alternative but I got stuck on how to identify the values for the tile splits.


Many thanks in advance for any suggestions








While I think this is theoretically possible with a macro, I think it gets pretty complex quickly and is somewhat brittle.

I've attached a workflow which I believe accomplishes everything you want without a macro.  It does this by using a few different cross tab functions to get each value, and then using some joins to bring the data together.


Hope this helps!