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Batch Macro with multiple Workflows


Hey yall,


I have successfully built a batch macro but now I would like to add multiple workflows inside the macro itself to run however it keeps erroring when I add in the second workflow. Attached is some pictures of how I set it up, any help would be great!


Hi @chughes49 


We'll need some more details from you.  The best option would be for you to attach your workflow, macros and some sample data.  If you can't, then at least some screen shots of the error message as well as some description of what your macro is doing.




@danilang , I tried my best to make up sample data because I can't share the original data but essentially the Sample data is also historical so each workflow is also pulling approx 6 files each (each file is a different month)


Hi @chughes49 


Very good initial effort at what is a difficult topic.


The idea behind batch macros is that you have one workflow that is processed for each iteration.  What changes between iterations is contained in the control parameter.  


I looked at your initial macro and the top and bottom workflows appeared to be identical.  Since that was the case, I removed the bottom one and changed the structure of the control parameter.   It now contains the file and sheet names in the form "Sample 7.8.19.xlsx|||`Sample 02$`".  The action tool replaces the file and sheet name within the input tool with this new file and sheet name on each iteration and runs the workflow.  The results of each iteration are automatically unioned before sent out of the macro.


The results are as follows with both months in the same table