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Batch Macro to create Field Summary for each unique value in column




I am trying to create my first Batch Macro and I'm striking out.


I want to generate a Field Summary for each unique value in a specified column.


I then want to write that Field Summary output to a .XLSX on my desktop.


How can I do that?


I've attached a sample workflow. I want to generate a Field Summary for each VENDOR_ID.


Would it work if I filtered on each VENDOR_ID in the Batch Macro?



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @dmccandless 

A couple of pointers that will hopefully help:


  • Your control parameter should be Vendor_ID (as this defines the groups that you want to pass through the macro)
  • For each run of the batch macro you will create a new results grid from the Field Summary tool and these will all be stacked (unioned) when all Vendor_IDs have been processed. You'll probably want to append a Vendor_ID column *after* the Field Summary runs but before the data is passed out of the macro so you can trace back which rows relate to which Vendor_ID.


Hope that's useful.

Alteryx Certified Partner

I went a step further and built out the workflow - let me know if this does the trick for you:


Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 16.46.17.pngScreenshot 2019-07-11 at 16.46.25.png

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I've put something together that should achieve what you're looking for. I used a Field Info tool on the input data so each field name can be batched on (Control Parameter). Inside the batch macro, I used a Dynamic Select to only grab the field I'm interested in (redundant, but I like to be safe), then I use the Control Parameter again to update the selection in the Data Investigation tool. 


The Macro will batch through every field and output each field summary on a different sheet of the Excel file.  Check it out and let me know if it works for you. 






Thanks for the prompt help and 'going the extra mile for me.'


I took your solution and added it onto it a bit, just to output each vendor's field summary to a new tab in the same Excel file.






Thanks a ton. I wasn't going for a field summary for each field, but this is really powerful to have! Thanks


I'm adding my final workflow.