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Batch Macro - run a batch macro 100 times

6 - Meteoroid

I need a workflow to merge 1000s of CSV files from 100 db tables into 100 files.

The files have been named as "TableName [SPACE] FILENUMBER" (Table1 01, Table1 02... Table3 04)


I have written a simple batch macro that unions CSV files. (Unioniser.yxmc)


I need to write another batch macro that can run the  Unioniser macro 100 times  and output 100 CSVs, 1 for each table.


My macros this far




For the second macro that can run the above once for each Table, I can generate a listing of table names and filepaths using the directory and formula tools and further get a unique list of table names using the Unique tools as below.


1st  Unique tool - FilePath & FileName and Table Name

2nd Unique tool (Upper) - Table Name Alone 




How do I proceed further with calling the Unioniser macro one for each TableName ?

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

If you wrap what you have built into another batch macro with a list of 100 rows (could be really anything). You could also do a iterative macro (while value < 100) but not as straightforward in my point of view. Let me know if you'd like an example. 


Hope this helps!


6 - Meteoroid

Thanks Joshua..

Not using text input I would like the workflow to have no manual input.

All the files to be merged are in a single directory and the directory tool provides the required inputs - file names and file paths. The files are to be consolidated based on filenames. Hence the inputs are dynamically calculated from a single directory reference. An example would be great. Thank you very much.