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Batch Macro need to output to multiple Excel files



I currently have a batch macro that is outputting to multiple excel files based on the function name within the data, and this is working correctly. However, the excel files I am outputting to are a template with three tabs. I only want to overwrite one of the tabs (where the ALTERYX data is getting dumped) and I want the other two tabs to remain present in the file. However, every time the files get generated, the other two tabs get deleted. Any thoughts?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @jstammeyer 


You should be able to do this by referencing the worksheet name in the filepath and setting output options to "Overwrite Sheet (Drop)" in the Output tool.


I've attached an example. If you check the Sample data file before running the workflow you'll see that there are two sheets containing data (Sheet1 and Sheet2) plus a sheet named Alteryx that just contains the words 'Old Data'.


After running the workflow you should see that Sheet1 and Sheet2 are unchanged but the Alteryx sheet has been updated and now reads 'New Data'.


Let me know if you run into any difficulties or if I'm missing something.






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I am currently running Alteryx 2018.3. Is there any way you can attach the workflow so that it can be opened in that version? Thanks.