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Batch Macro for sensitivity analysis

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Hello everyone!


It's my 1st post here since I only began to use Alteryx last Monday. Sorry in advance if my question has some obvious answer that everyone else knows.


Back to the point: I've just created my very first batch macro to use for sensitivity analysis with 1 formula with a multiplier in it, but now I'm stuck at trying to expand it to include 2 formulas and 2 different multipliers.


Say, formula no.1 is [Cell 1] * x; I add a control parameter, it takes x1, x2 and x3 from a pre-defined range and in the end I get a sum of all cells multiplied by each x in the range. That works fine. But what do I do if I also need to use formula no.2, [Cell b] * y and again there's y1, y2, and y3 to be used? Ideally I need 9 outputs altogether, but after trying to add another control parameter to my macro nothing changes, and the workflow still gives me the same 3 outputs instead of 9.


This seems like a rather trivial issue, so I'm sure everyone else probably knows how to deal with it. 



Hi @rina_io,


Would it be possible for you to share the workflow in order for me to under stand what is currently happening.


Also you you provide some more clarity on the desired output.