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Batch Macro and Salesforce Output Connector: how to change credentials

7 - Meteor

Dear all,

I have a batch macro with a Output Connector to mass upload data in


By default, the SFDC Connector uses my credentials (Username, password, Security Token): I'd like the end-user (the user who runs the workflow on my behalf) to enter their credentials (Username, password, Security Token) so that the SFDC Connector uses theirs and the records in SFDC will be then 'Modified by' the running user.


Could you help me?



16 - Nebula

Hi @NicolasDestombes ,


You need to convert your batch macro to an app by adding text input tools to overwrite the credentials. This will pop up a window and ask them to enter the credentials. 



7 - Meteor

Thanks @mceleavey : I found the solution with the help of one of my colleague: with the Control Parameter, I input the credentials that I have stored in the main workflow and use them in the Batch Macro 'Questions'

fyi I have several macros using the running user credentials so I didn't want the running user to have several times the same questions for the credentials.