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Batch Macro Troubleshooting


hey All,


I have successfully built several batch macros but now I am running into some issues with this one. I have attached pics because I cant share it because of client material.  What I am doing is using a wildcard to read in the files from my folder. I created a File Metric and than filtered on sheet names and than the macro runs from the files metric. What it is doing is running just the one file like its running all the files but giving the same data over and over again. I know its kind of hard to understand without the workflow but any help would be great thanks 

Alteryx Certified Partner

In Capture3.png: The action tool that's updating the Input tool, be sure that the "File - value=" line is highlighted. The highlighted line determines what will be updated and right now, a field is highlighted that can't be modified. So it would run a batch for each of the records you input into it, but since the action can't be applied, the same results occur over and over.



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With this option you are using is the ideal Update Value (Default). You now need to select the File Value line. After this at the bottom of the screen check Replace a specific string: And leave only the string you want to replace with the text in File - value. Following is an attached example.