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Batch Macro Outputting to one Excel File causing Error


Hi all,


I have built a batch macro (my first so I may have built it incorrectly).


I am basically taking multiple excel files with the same template formatting it and then spitting it out into one table in excel.


It seems to work, but occasionally it fails to write the data into the output excel file because it states 'the file is being used by another process'.


I've seen this happen in other workflows and I've used the Block until Done tool to combat this. But I have no idea where to start here!



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Roisinmm,


Are you writing to the Excel file within the Batch macro?


If you are, I'd suggest that you need to process the data within the macro and then output the data to Excel from outside it


Hi @LordNeilLord


Yes I currently am writing to excel within the macro.

Just to confirm, are you suggesting that I could do something along the lines of Joining the data in the macro and then output after?

Alteryx Certified Partner




Depending what you need to do but you could have the macro output all the data as one big list and then do some processing afterwards to split it up into different sheets in your excel.


If you want to post a pic of your macro so far I can give you more guidance





All fixed! It works now thank you for your help! :)