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Batch Macro: Multiple directory inputs into one macro possible?


Hi -


I have a batch macro workflow with files from two directories I'd like to flow through. Is it possible to set up the macro to accept two different directory tools?




Hi @jannis005, is not possible to just union the two directory inputs together and push them through the batch macro that way? If not, could you maybe explain what you are trying to accomplish with the batch macro?


Basically I have two separate directories of files that I want compare an amount from one data source to the other and calculate variances.  Ideally, I'd feed in one file's directories into one input in the macro and feed the other directory through the other input on the macro. Is there a way to join the two files together into separate tabs, and then separate the tabs in my workflow in the macro based on sheet name?


Hey @jannis005, would it be possible to attach your workflow, so I can better see what you're trying to do?


Hi @jannis005!


I'm also having trouble picturing what you're trying to accomplish, but one post came to mind when I read your question. I recently used this approach to bring the sheet names into my workflow.


Check out the Directory macro by @LordNeilLord in this post:

Get worksheet names from excel




Thanks for the response. I'm not sure what the best way to provide dummy data in my workflow without muddying what I am trying to do, but basically in my macro workflow I have two control parameters going into input files where my data sources are. When I create an additional workflow with the macro inserted, the macro tool only has one input so I can't connect it to two directories. Hopefully the screenshots will help.

Workflow shot 1.PNG












Workflow shot 2.PNG