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Batch Macro Help Please. I am getting error messages with my Macro and I am stuck.


Part of my job is to Align our salesforces both accounts and Geography.  Periodically we open our aligned accounts to update targets and who covers which accounts.  Attached is a batch macro that I was designing to check alignment at the start of a period against the current aligned accounts (within the alignment period) or at a time when the specific alignment period closed in the past.  I have 3 input files.  One with the defined Alignment periods, one with current active accounts only and one with the historical changes to the accounts.


The macro workflow works if you provide the specific inputs from the defined alignment periods.  However, the batch macro does not work when I try to connect the values from the file to the macro and process all of them.  I think I did something wrong in the definition and connection for the variables but cannot figure out how to fix my errors.  Can anyone help with this?


Thanks in advance for your help.  Doug


Error message Batch macro.png


Hi @DougH-1,


It looks like you just had some of your action tools set up incorrectly. If you see how I adjusted them in the attached workflow, I got them to work. With these action tools, you want to be in the lowest level of granularity, select the field value you are trying to replace (in some of them you were, others you selected the field name), and remove any quotes on the bottom where it says 'Replace a specific string'. Below is an example:




I got the macro to run without errors, but I noticed that it returned 0 results because your data was all being filtered out through the filter [RecordSelect] = 'Yes'







Thank you for reviewing my work that appears to have cleared up the connections to the data, thank you.  I did notice I had another error in the data on the workflow was not connecting to the data in the Macro so the matching was not working.  There should be some hits on the data for each iteration of the macro.  Is there a way to see what data is being connected in the formula?  It still returns zero even after the fix on the data source, there should be about 1,000 "Yes" values in the [RecordSelect] field.


Thank you again for your help and insight on this.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@DougH-1 ,


Here is my "TIP of the Day" for you!  Please don't share it with anyone else.  It is special for you!!!


Place a MACRO OUTPUT immediately after the formula tool.  SAVE the macro.  Place a BROWSE tool on that new output anchor.  Run the workflow.


Now, you can have visibility to the data within the macro (just like a browse tool) as it runs.  Once you've figured your issue out, remove the macro output tool.




Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

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Awesome.  Works like a charm, It is exactly what I needed to work through my problem.


Thanks,  Doug