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Batch Macro Assistance


I am producing budget documents for my business.  I have 5 businesses and each one has between 4 and 20 Pub Accounts (publications).


The business for the attached has 4: SW, ST, SR and SG.  I want to create a macro that will automatically run the flow and create the output file for the 1st pub code, then for the next and so on.  


I've been struggling with the online documentation and utube videos on batch macro.  Ideally, after Join-12, I would like to have a filter that first filters for the value 'SW' runs the flow and produces a file with just the SW values.  Then have the macro update the filter for ST and run the flow, then for SR and finally SG.


Can you please show me how to do this?  Thank you for your help


I wasn't able to test is as I don't have access to your input files, but the attached should work. If not, let me know or send me some sample input files and I can troubleshoot.


You'll see that I created a text input for the different owners that you mentioned. You can adjust this to read it from another source.


Also, I added one field in the macro, which is outputfilename that is set as test [owner].xlsx|||Sheet1. It then uses this filename to write to individual files.


Please let me know if you need any additional help.


Instead of using a text input tool for the control parameter, you could add a summarize tool at the output of Join tool (12) to produce the list of owners for which the macro should be run.


owners summarize.png

I think the same can be achieved by using the group functionality within the macro config.


macro group by.png



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Not to take away from @DavidP's post, I realized that my response did not get posted.  It also includes a YouTube how-to video created just for you....



Hopefully this moves you forward toward your solution goals.




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