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Batch - MACRO - Post recreated

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Hi All,


I am trying to Import two  files


File1_28-02-2021  - With Two Tabs ( REGION and PROD)

File2_31-03-2021  - With Two Tabs ( REGION and PROD)


The only difference between these two files is I have an additional Colum  'REG' In File2_31-03-2021.


I followed the link posted by Andrew  below to recreate the Macro with my two sample file as above and i can successfully combine the Data Set on to one single Data set.


But is there a way to add a filter on my main workflow only  to filter a specific sheet  which are required for my analysis. I. don't want the filter to be applied in any of my macros.


I have attached the sample files with the two macros and my workflow.


The ultimate goal is to filter the Required sheets in the Main workflow  is there a way to apply the filters for specific sheet in the main workflow before combining all the data sets .


when i say filters for specific sheet i want to create two streams like below and this has to happen to before combining all the data sets.






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16 - Nebula

Hi @suby ,


You can't filter your sheet from your main workflow but you can insert one more control parameter to capture the sheets you want to filter in your first macro.

I know it isn't quite what you described, but this is the only solution I was able to see.


Something like this:







Workflows attached as well.


Fernando Vizcaino



8 - Asteroid



Thanks for your solution.


Yes you're right Ultimately what I'm trying to achieve is I have two excel files ( Two months Data) with two tabs with different schema and I want to combine all these into one single Dataset which can be done by creating the Nested macro mentioned in the post below by Andrew.


The solution By Andrewl combines the Data set when we run the workflow based on different schema  with multiple tabs and Multiple sheets.


What I'm looking for is still I want to combine two files with different schema and I should be able to filter for specific worksheet in my main workflow and then do  combine the data set on my main workflow say.


I'll leave this open for the community geeks to see if any one can provide a solution.