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Batch Load into Salesforce via Alteryx


Hi everyone, I've run into some technical issues on the Salesforce side which I'm trying to use Alteryx to work around. We have apex triggers written in Salesforce which, when a record is created,  several other actions will occur automatically as trigger indicates.

Problem is, the trigger written cannot handle large portions of data at a time.


So what I need from Alteryx is an automated batch process that will load records into Salesforce at a controlled rate. For example, load 5 records at a time to start.

I've watched a couple different videos on creating batch macros, but I can't quite make it click in my mind how exactly to translate those examples to my issue. I've even seen some people mention this solution, but I haven't found enough to get me unstuck. 


If anyone has guidance on this or can reference a similar solution that translates well, I'd be very appreciative!


Thanks again.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @kyseq,


Check out the Throttle tool:



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